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March 11, 2020

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Merits of Automating Accounts Payables

Every business usually has various sources of income in order to get working capital to cater for salaries, payment of bills among other things. When an organization sells goods n loan then this is known as accounts receivables or debtors. Accounts payables are the amounts that the business owes other the suppliers for instance if the organization bought the goods on loan.

The success of a business is on managing and striking a balance of the receivables and payables. Accounting rule states that for a business to be said to be operating optimally then the payment period for the receivables must be shorter than that for the payables.

In order to track what payables a business has, there are usually a lot of paper work and signed documents to prove all these. For the multinationals or the larger firms then it will be tough to have a clear record of the current account balances at all times. It is for this reason that it is essential to automate the process of managing account payables.

When everything is computerized, then it is easy to know which invoices have been settled and which ones are pending. This way, conflicts between the organization and its suppliers are avoided and hence better relations between the two stakeholders which is good for business.

An advantage is in the time in which it takes to retrieve a record that you need. Going the manual of single handedly sifting through a lot of paperwork can take you a long time. Data retrieval of various payables records is much more efficient, you just tap one button and you have it all.

A software makes the firm productive in various ways. Another merit comes about because of savings in storage costs if paperwork was to be used.

The accounting software can be accessed by several people from different departments any time they need and hence they are able to get real time data as it is, this allows for transparency.

Thanks to integration of systems, after you have made an adjustment on the accounts payable system, the change is reflected on all the others, this is convenient and it saves on time. Unlike when doing the tracking and recording manually which is susceptible to cooking figures, the automated system cannot be compromised.

In conclusion an organization that has an elaborate system of recording accounts payable will be able to use up all the price reduction and other advantages that come about due to bulk purchase. A lot of the organizations tend to miss out on these discounts majorly because they do not have a way of tracking them down and seeing which ones they should claim a benefit from.

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