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December 20, 2019

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Understanding The Effect of Hard Water on Your Skin, Hair and Health
Water despite being very important in our lives is not fully appreciated. Averagely everybody uses up to to 80 to 100 gallons of water daily. Be that as it may, make sure the water you are using in your home is the best. In the areas that are well developed the water may not be hard or contaminated however if this is the case then it may be important to purchase a water softener. Many people do not know the reason why it is said that hard water is bad, but in this article, we will see the bad effects of hard water on your health, skin, and hair.

Calcium and magnesium are some of the hard minerals that are contained in water making it be termed as hard water. Dissolved solids such as manganese, strontium, zinc, iron, aluminum, barium are also responsible for causing hard water. Hard water should have about 3.5 grains per gallon. Below are some of the reasons why water is termed as hard. Calcium and magnesium found in hard water are responsible for certain cancers such as colon cancer. It also increases the risk of having cardiovascular diseases according to research carried out.

If your hair cleaning products mix with magnesium and calcium that is contained in hard water the result is salt that is left on your scalp or your hair. This makes your scalp unable to absorb any moisture that your hair conditioner provides. Your hair will get dry, tangle, thin and break easily.

Your skin is negatively affected by hard water because it is difficult to rinse off the soap leading to irritation and dryness. People who have eczema and psoriasis can have their conditions getting worse because hard water makes the skin excessively dry. The skin sometimes absorbs hard water which causes skin pH imbalance.

Your home’s appliances, plumbing fixtures can have residue build-up due to hard water. Hard water gives your water a foul taste particularly if you use it on your appliances such as coffee makers.

Your clothing can fade off their color due to hard water. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium which makes your beddings and clothes to be scratchy if they are washed with hard water. You may notice stains on your skin and bathtub due to hard water. It is not hard to clean your bathroom off the stains with these cleaning solutions. You will solve your hard water problems by buying a water softener.

Most plumbing problems are the result of hard water because steel pipes are not able to handle hard water. Pipes get damaged due to mineral build-up that affects water flow. You may have to call your plumber because hard water corrodes your pipes.