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November 18, 2019

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How To Deal With Frozen Gulf Shrimp Before Cooking

When it comes to the American seafood palate, shrimp is and has been unequaled. In fact, more than a fourth of total seafood consumption in the country represents shrimp. The selection is wide and comes in many shrimp varieties, according to their source. The choices abound, only proving just how great the demand is for this delicious morsel from the seas and oceans.

Here are some of the types commonly seen in the country:

-The warm water type. This type of shrimps is harvested or farmed around the world in countries like China, Brazil, India, even Thailand. It can come in different colors, from brown to pink and called banana or tiger shrimp by some.

*Cold water shrimps. This variety is caught in waters around the northern portions of the U.S. and Canada. The most common is the pink-colored species that is packed peeled and precooked.

-Harvested wild. This represents only some less than 10% of the shrimp that is being sold in the American market. Its harvest from the oceans around the coast is regulated but is a preferred variety in the preparation of traditional shrimp recipes.

-Farmed variety. Production rates of this type of shrimp are controlled for a determined yield. A very large portion of the shrimp made available in the country comes from shrimp farms in various regions worldwide.

*Domestic shrimps. A commonly used term referring to shrimp, it refers to harvests of shrimp coming from the American coast.

These types and varieties of shrimp are available fresh or frozen in seafood markets. Consumers can buy pieces or blocks of shrimp that have been frozen. Although it can be confusing, the truth is that frozen shrimp may more likely be fresher as these are shrimp catches that are directly frozen from being caught live. Really, most of the shrimp available in the market is this type, frozen-fresh. Sometimes they come in packages of already peeled and cleaned. However, this food, like all other seafood is highly perishable and so you need to buy from trusted seafood markets like Crab Dynasty, for instance, that can assure you of freshness and expert handling and storage.

Since most of the shrimp available to you may be the frozen type—and that may be the freshest choice you have—it would be wise to learn how to defrost frozen shrimp the right away. Here is a simple guide to defrosting your frozen shrimp and other seafood.

1. You can leave the package of shrimp you intend to use for cooking in the refrigerator overnight preferably in a covered bowl. Every time you thaw shrimp, just remember to put out what your recipe requires, and leave the rest in the freezer to keep for another round of cooking. If you defrost more than you need, the remaining will not be fit for consumption if left uncooked. After you take what you need, the rest of the shrimp needs to be placed in the freezer. On the day of cooking, just take out the shrimp from the refrigerator and place under the tap to wash, and proceed to pat dry before cooking.

2. When thawing direct from the freezer, take the package of shrimp and place it in a clean colander. Fill a big bowl with cold tap water and place the package with the colander right inside, ensuring that everything is fully submerged (time it for around 10 minutes).

3) Drain the water from the bowl, shaking out the colander to make sure all the water drains. Replace with some more fresh cold water from the tap. Place the shrimps back in the colander and add more water, this time waiting for some 8 minutes, more or less.

4. After this, the shrimp will be defrosted but still cold. After draining well and patting dry with a clean towel, you can proceed to cooking your shrimps.

It is not advisable to defrost frozen shrimp using hot water because thawing will not happen equally: the outside may soften somewhat but the inside will stay frozen. Shrimp and all seafood can quickly spoil and lose its freshness and it would be great to cook it very soon after it thaws. Another thing to avoid doing is to microwave shrimp in an effort to defrost it, because this process does not ensure defrosting all throughout, and can only ruin the fresh meat on your shrimp.

When you want to order a fresh batch of gulf shrimps and other seafood, like soft shell crab, an easy way to do it without leaving your home is online. When ordering online for your Gulf shrimp or King Crab, go to King Crab online seafood market and place your order for delivery to your doorstep.

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