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September 5, 2019

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How to Successfully Grow and Tender for Siam Tulips

This is a perfect choice for some seaside garden because of its moderate tolerance to salt conditions. It displays a lot of beauty in its flowers, creating a wonderful flowerbed outdoor. It is also grown indoors as a houseplant with a lot of benefits. It is a member within the ginger family with gray-green foliage. Many people love it for beauty and other benefits, and the desire to cultivate it more but lack the basics for the same. This plant likes well-drained soil with organic and humus type conditions. When planting it indoors, it is advisable to use a container with some drainage holes, put a layer of rocks at the bottom to help in the drainage purposes. Caring for Siam tulip has to do with keeping the soil moist in all times without allowing the roots to sit under soggy soil.

Plant the Siam tulip in a region that has brightness but not directly to the sun on its leaves. You need to protect the leaves but ensure there is enough brightness. You may go a step further and incorporate some supplemental lighting using the fluorescent lighting for some hours during the day. When you use the right light, then the plant will be encouraged to bloom more. This is the case when it comes to the cultivating of Siam tulip. The idea behind the lighting is that you put the plant in sufficient light but not directly to the sun. In case you lack a spot that is favorable closer to the window or such, you may now bring in the fluorescent light because it works as well within given periods.

If it for indoor purposes, feed the Siam tulip and withdraw fertilizer to allow it to grow dominantly during the winter times. Use less water in such periods when it is not growing but do not limit to leave it dry out. If the period seems to be dormant, you will notice a loss of foliage, but it regrows again in the springtime. What you may do is to trim some of the damaged leaves. Give the plant some winter rest because in such times it grows dormant. Do this by lowering the watering to enable the leaves to die naturally. Stop any fertilization procedures at such a time and give rest of three months. When the spring comes, put some rhizomes and mix well and resume to the normal care for your Siam tulips.

In summary, Siam tulip is an edible plant and very decorative because of the flowers it possesses. It is a rare tropical plant that is slowly gaining familiarity and now available in some online nurseries during the spring and summer times. It can be an essential plant for your gardening reasons.

The truth is that Siam tulip loves humidity and if it drops off below half-percentage then it is good to put some pebbles in the tray or a room humidifier to increase some amounts of moisture in the air within that place. It is also a good idea to group the plants because it helps them maintain some humidity closer to each other.

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