5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Software

September 8, 2019

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Advantages of Virtual Queuing

When you have a business establishment which offers clients with the opportunity to communicate and provide feedback through a call center, it is possible to get in a position where the customer call traffic becomes overwhelming for the available customer care agents. The the occurrence of the unexpected client traffic coming through the calls made to a call center leads to cases of queuing that results in many people being on hold as they wait for the next agent that can be free to talk to them and offer necessary advice. However, it is possible to create a type of queue whereby the customers are aware about the conditions of the waiting call so that they have a clear understanding of how long it will take before the available agents can serve them.

The scenario where an organization works to provide the details regarding the duration over which they should wait for a call to be answered by an agent is called virtual queuing which has proven to be an impressive idea when it comes to customer satisfaction. There are several advantages of the virtual queuing feature when used in a business establishment with a customer care unit. The first advantage is that it eliminates the cases of clients abandoning calls to the call center after establishing that they are not going to be served by the agents for a long time because they are busy with other clients without offering a timeframe. When virtual queuing is enforced, the customers are informed about the period of waiting so that they make the decision to wait on the call for an agent to speak to them or if they can hang up and receive a return call when the agent finishes with the previous client.

The second advantage is that the fact that a customer is made aware about waiting time makes him less frustrated with the customer care unit and the conversation when the call goes through will be about solving the issue instead of complaining about the queuing experience. This means that the clients who are making calls will be helped in the shortest time possible making it easier to handle the issues of as many people as possible without causing client outrage.

Thirdly, virtual queuing calls lead to reduction in the costs of making calls because the customers are not waiting to be served during the period when they wait for the agents to be free so that they can be called according to the queue order that was established. The last advantage is that the use of virtual queuing makes clients appreciate the steps taken by the customer care agents to address their concerns despite the large traffic.

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